Helping You with a Medical-Related Issue (With Referral from a Physician)

For Clients Preparing for Surgery

Art can help you to better prepare for surgery by working with you beforehand with powerful rehearsal techniques, providing you with printed information requests for your surgeon, anesthesiologist, and operating room staff to be used during the surgery. He will be there in the recovery room if you want, and then, after the surgery, he will help you to accelerate your processes of inner healing, returning you to your best level of performance more quickly and with less pain than those who are not engaging in the practices you are using.

For Chronic Pain

Art will help you to learn how to better manage and reduce the symptoms of pain that your body is sending you, helping you to understand the difference between “pain” and “suffering” for starters. You can see Art in a YouTube video on this topic below:

Pain Relief Part 1

There is some double exposure in the introduction, but it clears up soon. Notice that it is never my intention to completely remove the symptoms of pain, which is a signal that something in your body needs attention. Once your body has taken care of the cause, it will complete the process of eliminating the signal for you to take some remedial action.


Pain Relief Part 2


For Cancer

Chemo and radiation therapy subject the MindBody system to great distress, and there are protocols that can assist clients in minimizing the side effects experienced by either or both of these. We have a saying in the complementary health care field that, “No body likes to be surprised.” A remedy for this that has profound effects on the MindBody system is something known as “Body Talk.” The idea is for you to inform your body about what is about to happen, what is happening, that this is not a mistake or an unexpected attack, but is something you have entered into on purpose. You tell your body as much as you can about the treatment, ask it to respond as positively and optimistically as it can, and that you will be engaging in processes to help your internal healing team work in harmony with your external healing team.

For All Medical Conditions

Any condition that you either are, or should be, under the care of a medical doctor will require a medical referral before I can work with you. I provide you with a form that you can take to your doctor, and with his or her signed approval I can begin working with you. I write to your doctor to tell him or her when you came in for an appointment, what we did, and what we expect. In this way they are always up-to-date on all complementary services you are engaging in that affect your symptoms.


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    “I have had Art speak to groups of my patients about neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, and the power of thoughts. Every patient that attended the lectures had nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Emrich. Everybody also commented how practical everything he taught them was. Not only that, but I, as health care provider, noticed a physical change in a lot of the patients that attended his talks. They seemed more engaged in their therapy with me and also took more action steps on their own to improve their health and wellness. I wish he hadn’t moved away so I could have him offer more lectures at my clinic.”
    Health Care Provider T. B. in Evanston, IL