MindBody 101: The Owner’s Manual You Did Not Come With

Hello. My name is Art Emrich, and I am a clinical hypnotist. One thing that means is that I do not do “stage hypnosis.” I don’t ask people to quack like ducks or bark like dogs. I really can do that, but it has not shown any particular usefulness in helping my clients to achieve their goals. I am a story-teller (as are all hypnotists).

Thank you for choosing this book, because I have some great transformational stories to share with you. Clients come to see me with their own story. It sometimes has an unfortunate past. It usually has an undesirable present. And it often has a negative future. My task, if we can develop the deep rapport that enables us to work together successfully, is to create a new story for them – one with a better present and certainly a positive future. And then talk them into trading the story they came in with for the one I create for them – one that transforms their life in subtle, but powerful, ways.

My clients often come to see me with a couple of disconnects. One is that they believe something is true – but it isn’t. Or they believe that something is not true – but it is. Another is that they are doing something that they do not want to do. Or they are not doing something that they do want to do. Sometimes clients have both disconnects. I have to figure out what processes are happening in their MindBody system, and then help them to discover for themselves ways of thinking that lead to generative changes – new beliefs that enable them to take back control of their behavior – from feeling like a robot with a set of programs in charge that will not let them be who they want to be.

We are born into the world as one of the most complex living systems we know of, but we do not arrive with an Owner’s Manual. MindBody 101 is intended to be the beginning of that Owner’s Manual so that we can learn how to use this magnificent mind and body in ways that produce better results for us with less effort.

Here is a selected sample Table of Contents:

Chapter Title
B Book of YOU in Perfect Health
C Cancer
E Emotions
G Goal Accomplishment Using Your Unconscious Mind
I Intimacy Circles

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