Golfing Client G.H.

“There is an old axiom that is only a slight exaggeration: ‘Golf is 90% mental and the rest mental.’ Art Emrich worked with me to improve the mental part of my golf game, and I promptly went out and broke 80 – a 5-stroke improvement. I heartily recommend Mr. Emrich’s U-Solutions program for every golfer who is serious about improving his game.”


Former Smoker Client (40+ years) B. B.

“The processes used were the creation of a calming environment (low light and music), coupled with a regression to a completely calm state before suggestions were made. The results were immediate, and I don’t care about smoking any more at all. I feel very positive about my achievement. I would recommend that others use U-Solutions, certainly in preference to any treatment that is drug related.”


Marathon Runner Client L. W.

“Art’s help resulted in a ‘personal best’ time for me (reducing previous best by 1 hour and 15 minutes) in running a 26.2 mile marathon. During previous races, I dwelt on the negatives of the distance to go, and on the eventual pain of running. Art taught me how to visualize success, and how to get through the runner’s ‘wall’ once I hit it. I now use the techniques in every race – they work. Not having experienced any type of hypnosis before, Art’s approach and instruction was clear and methodical. He dispelled the myths and explained the actual process in a way I could understand. It was a very pleasant experience.”


New Career Client S. S.

“I was attracted to U-Solutions because of its unique approach to problem solving and helping individuals find solutions from within. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Art Emrich during my journey of self-discovery. His intellect and creativity is matched by his warmth, compassion, and sense of humor. He truly helped me get from where I was to where I wanted to be.”


Health Care Provider T. B.

“I have had Art speak to groups of my patients about neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, and the power of thoughts. Every patient that attended the lectures had nothing but positive things to say about Mr. Emrich. Everybody also commented how practical everything he taught them was. Not only that, but I, as health care provider, noticed a physical change in a lot of the patients that attended his talks. They seemed more engaged in their therapy with me and also took more action steps on their own to improve their health and wellness. I wish he hadn’t moved away so I could have him offer more lectures at my clinic.”


Client with Insomnia M. S.

“I went to Art for help with insomnia. I was nervous about being hypnotized for the first time, but Art took the time to explain the whole process to me. I was fascinated by his description of how our minds work, and how we form habits. He explained the benefits of hypnosis in a way that was easy to grasp. I didn’t know if I could be hypnotized, but Art’s techniques worked right away. His calm, even voice and guidance helped go into an incredibly deep relaxation. I’ve never felt anything else quite like it. The techniques he taught me have been enormously helpful with my insomnia. I would highly recommend him!”


Client with knee surgery T.R.

“This is a testimonial to Art Emrich, who made my knee replacement surgery such a complete success. Art prepared me before surgery with hypnotic sessions on positive thinking and expectations. He gave me print-outs that he had composed, for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and OR nurse, to ask them to say encouraging things to me throughout the operation. This helped my body to subconsciously work with the surgical team.

Art was with me daily after the surgery with a continuation of hypnotic suggestions to combat the pain and speed the healing process free of infection. He gave me written instructions to follow so that I could continue the reinforcing therapy.

Art has a genuine talent for helping people learn to help themselves using hypnosis, positive thinking, and his caring personality. Thanks to Art’s diligence and unfailing dedication, the surgery was a complete success, and my recovery quicker than normal. It has been said, ‘It takes a team,’ and for me, Art is a key member of that team. Thank you Art for being at my side, always encouraging me, and reminding me to stay engaged in my recovery process.”


Former Smoker R.W.

“I believe it! I took your session to quit smoking years ago, and quite honestly, I just felt relaxed about giving up my addiction, and I never really craved it again. Thanks Art!”


Business Consultant S. K.

“I have known Art for the last 11 years, first as a colleague at CapGemini (formerly Kanbay International), and more recently as the Head Coach of U-Solutions. Taking Art’s course on Consulting with Clients is a magical experience. I have taken this course 3 times, and every time I learn something different. I know of at least a hundred senior IT consultants who have taken this course and have become much better consultative partners with their clients, myself included.

I look at Art as my friend, philosopher, and guide when I am faced with situations like motivating my team or guiding them through a difficult change or transition. Art turns complex frameworks and boring research into a very fun, highly interactive, and impactful coaching session. A few trainers have tried to coach with similar content, but not nearly with the same results!”


Business Consultant J. B.

“Art is both a caring and an astute coach. I have worked with him in a Master Mind group and find him to have an amazing ability to create a working environment that feels both safe and fun. His extensive background with leadership development in corporate America gives him a keen understanding of the concerns that face working people. In addition, he has solid skills in many different coaching processes that can assist people to break through their blocks to success.”


Business Consultant R. G.

“I worked with Art for far too short a time at Kanbay. Kanbay was entrepreneurial, a challenging and demanding environment, and I reported to an executive who worked in India. Art was my sounding board, my rock and anchor during that time. He offered me very sound advice and assisted me in every way that he could. He is the most insightful manager who I have ever met, not to mention a joy to work with. I would recommend Art unequivocally for any assignment or to any employer. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Art again in the future.”


Learning Test C. F.

“My son visited Dr. Emrich to speak with him about anxiety regarding his studies. He has tremendous potential to excel academically, but often times his brain will ‘freeze’ when he is working on a difficult project or taking an important exam. Of course this is the time he needs to be able to think clearly and get out of his own way.

Dr. Emrich was able to explain to my son why this occurs, both physically and mentally. His calm and caring nature coupled with his years of experience and a true passion to see his clients succeed made a huge difference in how my son approached his school work. Dr. Emrich gave him the knowledge and tools to identify the issues as they were starting to happen so he could stop them before he froze up.

I am happy to say this resulted in a top 20% class ranking in his post-graduate studies. It doesn’t matter what age or grade level a student is, knowing the why behind the anxiety and how to deal with it is the key to achieving a successful outcome. If you are looking to reach your top potential, I highly recommend Dr. Emrich to guide you toward your goals.”